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Ms. Donna L. Wulkan practices in the field of Special Education law, and have experience advocating for your child’s rights under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004 (IDEIA) in the District of Columbia and Maryland. During her 29 years advocating for the educational rights of the District’s youth, Ms. Wulkan is a special education lawyer that has represented parents of children aged 3 through 22, with disabilities ranging from autism to learning disabilities and emotional impairments. Ms. Wulkan advocates for and help parents and guardians work with school districts to obtain appropriate Special Education and related services for their disabled children, from early intervention through graduation. Ms. Wulkan is an experienced litigator, and has successfully litigated at administrative due process hearings, at the trial level in the District of Columbia and Maryland, and in the United States District and Circuit Courts for the District of Columbia and Maryland.

Ms. Wulkan has won relief for their clients at the administrative level in the form of eligibility determinations, orders for comprehensive independent evaluations, changes to Individual Education Programs (IEP), including the addition of a dedicated aide, and orders granting funding for non-public day and residential schools and compensatory education. Ms. Wulkan is a strong advocate for at risk students in multiple systems including court-involved youth, youth committed to administrative agencies, and youth involved with the mental health system.

Areas of practice include: Children’s Rights Advocacy, Special Education, Special Needs Trust, Education law, and School Truancy law.

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