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The Law Office of Donna L. Wulkan was founded in 1992 by owner and sole partner Ms. Donna L. Wulkan. For information about our services to discuss possible representation, email lawoffice@wulkanlaw.com.

Ms. Donna L. Wulkan, Special Education Lawyer, Partner and Founder

Ms. Wulkan is a leading child advocate in the District of Columbia with over twenty-nine years of experience providing direct representation and legal services to parents of children with disabilities. Ms. Wulkan has been at the forefront of critical statewide impact and class action litigation. She served as counsel in Vaughn G. et. al. v. Mayor and City Council of Baltimore, a multi-plaintiff Maryland federal court suit on behalf of all Baltimore County Public School Special Education students. She also was counsel for Jerry M., a class action suit focusing on conditions of confinement and services for youth that are detained in the District of Columbia’s juvenile detention facilities.

Ms. Wulkan is an active member of the District of Columbia Special Education litigation community. She is a founding member of the District of Columbia Superior Court Special Education Attorney Panel, and she has developed practice standards for the Special Education panel. Ms. Wulkan has also conducted trainings and presentations for District of Columbia Superior Court judges, panel applicants and panel attorneys, and Hearing Officers. Ms. Wulkan has presented at local and national conferences on Special Education issues.

Ms. Wulkan's practice of Special Education law consists of providing direct representation and legal services to the parents and guardians of children of all ages with disabilities, and Ms. Wulkan is also the sole attorney to work on Special Needs Trusts. As a Special Education lawyer, Ms. Wulkan has represented parents of truant children and understands the unique needs of truant, delinquent, and neglected children with disabilities and court involvement. Ms. Wulkan represents parents and guardian of children with disabilities in administrative due process hearings against the school district and internal school disciplinary hearings, and advocates for proper Special Education and related services as well as creative least restrictive environment solutions for children with multiple learning needs, autism, and developmental disabilities. Issues she handles range from identifying a disabled child as needing Special Education to identifying and advocating for proper and appropriate educational placements. Ms. Wulkan is an experienced federal litigator on substantive IDEIA issues and attorneys’ fees. As a trustee on Special Needs Trusts, Ms. Wulkan provides legal services related to the creation and maintenance of Special Needs Trusts.

Ms. Wulkan is barred in the District of Columbia, Maryland, the United States District Court for the District of Columbia, Maryland, and the Supreme Court for the United States of America.

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